Website for an engineering company

UI Design, web development

SecoPlan specializes in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. It focuses on designing heating, cooling, water, electrical, low-current networks, security, fire-safety systems, camera surveillance and more for those who require safe, complex, creative solutions.

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We build the experience, not just the website.

Kubit paves the way that leads to smart design and a relaxed user experience. It enhances the competitiveness of businesses by creating and developing websites that will make the customer want to stay and explore.


Web and application design for a hybrid time management tool


What we do

User interfaces

User research

understand your user so that you can design the best solution for him

User experience

find that sweet spot between your business goals, user needs and technology and design the way that leads to it

Wireframing, prototyping

testing and proof of concept, before a lot of work, time and money goes down the drain


it's not enough to be good, you also have to look good. your user will appreciate it

Development handoff

your app is in good hands with your developer. we'll just make sure that the communication goes fluently between design and end result


Content structure, wireframing

the story you want to tell will guide us in planning your website structure


we'll tell your story and show your strengths through design that fits your brand


mobile and desktop websites ready for your visitors


we won't leave you alone